8% No Limit Adventure Web Television Series

What happens when a blind runners decides to run the Bruce Trail end-to-end? Here's what.

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8% No Limit: Episode 1

8% No Limit: Episode 2


8% No Limit: Episode 3

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8% No Limit: Episode 11

8% No Limit: Episode 12

About 8% No Limit

Over 12 web-isodes award-winning documentary filmmaker Lisa Lightbourn-Lay will chronicle blind runner Rhonda-Marie Avery’s 20-day attempt to run the Bruce Trail from end-to-end with the help of over 50 guide runners.

The story is as beautiful as it is inspiring, contrasting the stunning vistas of Canada’s 900 KM-long Bruce Trail with Avery’s relentless effort to overcome daily obstacles, including; fatigue, injuries, doubt and mental exhaustion. The story weaves the mechanics of running with the power of the mind to demonstrate what the human body can achieve.

Tune in here on Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST to watch each gripping episode. Each week a new episode will be released here and on Get Out There’s YouTube channel.

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