Hotcore Duffle Bag Review (Video)

Gear reviewer ActiveSteve recently tested out Hotcore's new Explorer Duffle Bags. They come in a range of sizes and pack into their own carry pouch. Watch this video to see all their features and what kind of things you can stuff into the different sizes!


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GOT Parks? We sure do!

GOT Parks?  We sure do!  


GOT (Get Out To) Parks is a joint initiative between the Canadian Parks Council and the Child & Nature Alliance of Canada.  The ultimate goal is to provide an online destination for young people to learn about Canada’s national, provincial, and territorial parks and to encourage Canadian youth to get outside and experience parks firsthand.


GOT Parks was first started in December of 2012 with a website designed by young Canadians, for young Canadians.  An advisory group was formed, made-up of a collection of young people who were passionate about connecting youth with all the beautiful parks Canada has to offer.  The advisory group, which is now known as the GOT Parks Team, are responsible for developing website content, providing fresh ideas and feedback, and ensuring the site stays true to its intended audience.  They’re also active in promoting and marketing GOT Parks by contributing to its various social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The team has an assortment of educational backgrounds and outdoor recreational experiences.  They range in age from 17 to 31 and reside across Canada from coast to coast.  


Anyone can create a GOT Parks account, all you need to do is visit the website and sign-up.  Once you have created your account you have the ability to post photos and videos, share parks-related stories, create job/volunteer postings, cast your vote in upcoming contests, or learn about events/programs that are being offered in a park near you.  GOT Parks is always on the lookout for new material to enhance the website.  If you have something that you feel would further promote our cause, please take the time to create an account and share your information via the website.


Wild spaces void of young people highlight a fragmented relationship between parks and communities.  Much like grizzly bears are seen as an indicator species of a healthy, diversified ecosystem, we see youth as an indicator species for parks in Canada.  So Get Out To Parks, nature’s waiting!


For more information about GOT Parks and the team please visit the website, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter (@getouttoparks) and Instagram (gotparks).