The Ultimate Gear Guide for Trail Runners

Star of Get Out There LIVE Michelle Clarke's must-have gear guide for summer trail runs

Michelle Clarke (more commonly known as “Michelle the Runner”) is not only the star of the Get Out There LIVE show on YouTube, but an elite athlete in her own right. When she’s not prepping for her weekly webcast (which you can watch Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on, she can be found hitting the roads and trails in pursuit of better times, better fitness and the gear that will get her to the finish line first. We recently asked Michelle to share with us her top gear picks for summer. Here’s what she’s loving right now.
Summer is here finally and it’s time to get serious about training for my races again. When it comes to training, first you need to set your goals and then you need a plan! After you have all that sorted out, you need what I really love about sports; GEAR! I’m going to share with you 5 things I can’t live without this summer.

Of course, as a long distance runner, it’s going to be obvious that I can’t live without shoes! However this summer the shoes I absolutely need are the brand new Mizuno Wave Hayate trail shoes. I have signed up for the entire 5Peaks Running Series and the Canadian North Face Endurance Challenge in July. These are all trail races and the Wave Hayate came just in the nic of time. These are basically exactly what you expect from a Mizuno shoe but made for mud, sticks and everything else the trails will throw at you. The wave plate is inverted which helps push you off of the rocks rather than wrap around the rock like a road shoe will do. My favourite thing about this shoe is that I don’t have to drive to a trailhead; they are great from road to trail and back again.

Well, we’re on the trails let’s stay here for a bit longer. My next new favourite piece of gear is the Ultimate Direction Jenny hydration pack. The famous Scott Jurek has his own collection and now his wife has made one just for women. It comes in two sizes small and large. Besides a great fit and lots of pockets it comes with a built in hair tie in case you forget or loose yours.

Moving along, I have two sports drink that are an absolute must have for all my workouts.

Honeymaxx, the world’s first all natural honey based sports drink. I use it to pre hydrate for all my workouts. With only 7 grams of sugar this drink doesn’t give me huge spikes in energy, instead the mix of all natural ingredient keeps my energy levels consistent without any experiencing any GI issues.

Rumble drink has become my new favourite post workout drink. It’s again, all natural. It has kale, spinach, green tea extract, agave nectar, black currants, pomegranate and so much more. The taste? Well you would think with those ingredients that it would be more like a smoothie, but instead it is more like a milky delicious beverage. It comes in two flavours, Dutch Cocoa and Vanilla Maple. I use it for recovery, but in a pinch I would also use it for a meal replacement on those days when life gets too busy.

Lastly I’m crazy about this cool cycling case. It’s called Cat5Gear bike case and for someone who is always on the go, this case is a necessity. I have used it for cycling, running, canoeing and just generally traveling! It’s a very cool compartmentalized sturdy case that lets me keeps the mess contained. I have compartments for my small gadgets and all my smelly, muddy gear get their own space.  It is mesh covered so it breathes well and never leaves my stuff stinky. There are two bottle carriers on each side of the case. It can literally fit everything you can think of and best of all comes in lots of cool bright colours.

The list of things I can’t live without could go on forever, but these five are essential for this summer. As a GetOutThere Girl I have a calendar packed full of events, club rides, races and so much more. These products are going help this GetOutThere Girl stay active and healthy.

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