Learn from triathlete Rachel McBride and other experts at Endurance Athlete Summit

Virtual weekend event gathers top coaches and trainers together

Maybe it’s the wide-open spaces, the need to clear our heads and focus on something else for a change or the desire to push ourselves and test limits, but whatever the reason more people are embracing endurance sports than ever before. And the Endurance Athlete Summit is a unique virtual event running Feb. 5-7 that will help get you there or make you even better. 

Looking to get involved with endurance sports this year, or ready to take the next step on your athletic journey? This exciting and educational weekend virtual event featuring a stacked lineup of sessions touching on an array of important topics related to maximizing performance, training and nutrition. 

The event was founded by a group of triathlon athletes and coaches including Tara Postnikoff, who has been in triathlon and endurance sports for the past 15 years in addition to being an athlete, she’s also a coach and nutritionist. 

“The event was inspired out of a desire to bring like-minded endurance athletes and professionals together to create a forum for learning and engaging about all aspects of triathlon and endurance sports,” says Tara Postnikoff, one of the organizers of the event. 

The summit will feature a slew of industry experts and athletes over two days talking about various aspects of endurance sports.

“I think we've got over 15 different sessions from industry experts talking about various aspects of endurance sport from an athlete panel to a coaches panel as well as industry experts such as chiropractors who focus on gait retraining,” Postnikoff says. “We have Nordic ski coaches, swim coaches, cycling coaches talking about aerodynamics, a little bit about bike fit and bike mechanics, sports nutrition, leaving the road in favour of trail pursuits. It’s diverse in topics that we're trying to cover to give something out to anybody.”

Postnikoff says the Athlete Endurance Summit is geared towards those who have taken up endurance sports recently and are looking for new or just different information about the sports as well as those who have been in the sport for a long time looking to change things up whether it’s a pure triathlete looking to move into more of a trail runner or gravel biker or another aspect of endurance to keep the passion alive.

One of the best-known speakers taking part is professional triathlete Rachel McBride, who is part of the athlete’s panel, which will endeavour to share personal perspectives on endurance sports and talk about diversity and inclusiveness. 

McBride, the first triathlete to be out as gender non-binary, has become an icon in the sport, both for their performance and their focus on inclusivity and sexual health education. They’ve been called “the most interesting person in triathlon,” for good reason. 

They started to compete in triathlon later than average, in their late-20s after falling out of athletes in high school and early ‘20s. Feeling out of shape, and unsatisfied, McBride decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents and start running. They set a goal of running a marathon later that year and ended up qualifying for Boston. 

“I went and trained to run Boston the following year and the folks I’d been training with also did triathlon,” McBride says. “My mentor thought I could be an elite triathlete, even though I’d never done tri in my life, but for some reason, I just took that idea and went with it.”

They packed up and moved to Vancouver and have been in love with the sport since. 

Having McBride on the athlete’s panel could be one of the most interesting discussions of the weekend, but there are many more can’t-miss moments from sessions on data-driven training and meditation to how to self-coach or train for a 100km run. 

"I'm personally super excited for the nordic ski session as well as the mental performance session," Postnikoff says.  "Nordic skiing is such a valuable cross-training option to break up the monotony of indoor training in the winter and learning to elevate performance through mastering your emotions, thoughts and beliefs is such a powerful concept, having these tools are so valuable in sport and in life."

Additional sessions include aerodynamics, strength training, meditation, swimming fundamentals, data, bike fit, mental performance, self-coaching and much more.

Endurance Athlete Summit has chosen Bikes Without Borders as its charity for the event and will be donating a percentage of total revenue. 

For more information on this amazing gathering of endurance sports aficionados, and to register, check out the event website now!


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