Add some adventure to your virtual running with the exciting X-League summer series

Don’t Get Lost Adventure Running has been running its summer adventure series since 2015. When the pandemic hit, they retooled the classic Thursday night race X-League so participants can still compete on their own with an app that tracks people as they run the course. It’s a great concept for the people in the Hamilton and Burlington areas of Ontario to add a little adventure to their summer fitness regimes. 

“It’s a different area every week, so there are always different views, locations, and checkpoints,” says Patrick Saile, program manager at Don't Get Lost Adventure Running. “People of any ability can take part - we have families with four-year-olds walking the course and participants in their eighties”

Every week, people who sign up are emailed a map of the course as well as basic information such as parking and start locations. Participants choose when they want to run during the week, and have a limited amount of time (usually 40 minutes) to visit as many checkpoints as possible. Accumulate as many points as possible and get back to the start before the time runs out. After the time limit hits runners start losing points.

X-League is a 12-week race series that takes place on local roads and trails in the Hamilton and Burlington area such as Brant Hills Park, Westdale, Sam Lawrence Park on the Niagara Escarpment, Dundas, Mohawk Sports Park, and other locations. 

There are also a number of free X-League courses to sample in locations such as Guelph, London, Oakville, and Barrie.


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Right now, about 50 participants are taking part in X-League with more being added each week to make for some top-both competition. 

Don't Get Lost Adventure Running was formed in 2000 with roots that extend back to one of North America’s oldest orienteering clubs. 

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