The most inspiring outdoor adventure films to stream on Netflix right now

Sure, we would all rather get outside, hit our favourite trails, climb at our favourite spots, paddle, bike and generally shake off the cabin fever we are all experience. But until we get back to normal, we can always get a little inspiration from the stories of others. 

Top streaming services have a slew of outdoor adventure documentaries to help keep that adventurous spirit alive. 

Here is our list of the top outdoor adventure flicks on Netflix Canada at the moment.


Unstoppable and Soul Surfer

Available now on Netflix is a double shot of inspiration courtesy of surfer Bethany Hamilton. The Hawaii native was one her way to the top of the surfing world as a youngster, but lost her arm in a shark attack. Did it stop her? Hell no. Unstoppable is the new documentary, Soul Surfer is the biopic written by Hamilton. We love them both, although Soul Surfer is just a fantastic family movie. 


The Dawn Wall

This climbing film chronicles Tommy Caldwell’s quest to climb El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in Yosemite alongside his climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson. There is also some good backstory, some involving being dropped into a war zone and being taken as hostages. No big deal. 


100 Days of Solitude

This beautifully shot and moving film features Spanish photographer José Diaz who escapes the craziness of city life to challenge himself to spend 100 days in a remote mountain area completely alone. it’s contemplative, spiritual, and beautiful. 


Dogtown and  Z-Boys

An oldie but so good, this documentary chronicles the California movement sparked by the Zephyr skateboard team of the 1970s that transformed skateboarding into what it is today. The movie is narrated by Sean Penn and directed by one of the original Z-Boys Stacy Peralta, so you know it’s legit. 



This film, directed by surfing filmmaker Keith Molloy and sponsored by Patagonia, tells the story of a diverse group of individuals who dedicate their lives to the ocean. The film chronicles the lives of that one might expect such as a surfer and a  swimmer, but also a coal miner, as well as at-risk youth. It’s got a fantastic vibe, and it’s gorgeously shot. 



This unique documentary sets itself above others because of the way it embraces the meditative side of mountains and those who make it a point to risk their lives on them. The narration by Willem Dafoe is perfect, the music courtesy of the Australian Chamber Orchestra hits the spot. The scenes with one of the world’s greatest climbers in Alex Honnold on Mexico’s El Potrero Chico, are breathtaking. 


Losing Sight of Shore

This 2017 documentary gets you right where it counts — in the heart. The film follows a group of four British women who do what nobody else has ever done. They rowed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Australia in a very tiny boat without any support. 8,000 miles. Tiny boat. Stuff happens. We don’t want to spoil it, but this is a great film to inspire some big thinking about future adventures and pushing limits. 




“Bluebird days give way to crystal clear nights. The world's an amazingly beautiful place, you just need to get out there and see it.”

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