Quarantine routines: Becca Frangos on climbing the walls and the power of mental fitness

Ace Canadian climber Becca Frangos is spending her isolation days at her family home in Canmore, Alberta. The three-time Canadian national youth champion and recent fifth-place finisher in California at the 2020 International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Pan American Championships.

Frangos is first up in our new column about how elite athletes are spending their quarantine time. 

What is your current fitness routine? 

A few days per week I do strength-based workouts with free weights and just adapt my usual strength training program I do at the gym to something I am able to do at home with minimal equipment. I have an example of a home workout I do on my Instagram.


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If you’re looking for workout inspiration, I’d suggest just searching “at-home workouts” on YouTube and a ton of great stuff comes up. As an example, this video is 63 exercises you can do using a singular resistance band!

I’ve also been enjoying doing 30-45 minutes of yoga most mornings with an app called “Down Dog." It is free and has tons of great guided sessions.

What about sport-specific training? 

Hangboarding to keep up with my finger strength has been a staple in my weekly routine. If you don’t have a hangboard at home a beam or doorframe works quite well for pullups and hangs! This also is a great time to explore your house in a new way! Can you climb through your kitchen without touching the floor? You may be surprised how much you can find to climb without having access to a wall! Be creative 


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And what's the strategy with regard to nutrition?

I personally haven’t changed much in terms of what I am eating or quantities from my usual routine pre-COVID-19 because I am still just as active as I was before even if the types of workouts and training I am doing is different now being at home. I like to eat intuitively and focus on eating well-balanced meals and snacks as much as possible. A big positive about being home more than I am used to is I have a lot more time to cook/bake and try new recipes. Below are some of my favourite meals and go to snacks!!


  • Build your own salad: prep protein, cut up veggies, spinach and put on a base of quinoa or rice and sweet potatoes then add whatever dressing or sauce you’d like. Great because individual components can be prepped ahead of time and can just throw it all together when you want and have lunch or dinner ready in 10 minutes
  • Homemade Pad Thai 
  • Vegetarian Burrito bowl


  • Greek Yogurt with homemade granola and berries
  • No-bake Protein Power bites – can basically be made with any type of nut butter, oats, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate. My favorite current recipe is
  • Hummus and crackers with veggies 
  • Toast with peanut butter and banana


And what are you doing for general well-being and mental fitness in this challenging time?

As much as we can’t be physically together right now it's super important to stay connected with friends and family. I’ve been trying to Skype or Zoom call with friends a few days per week to catch up and we even sometimes have virtual wine nights or dinners together. Going out for solo walks or runs (if possible) is also a great way to get out of the house and clear your head. As an elite athlete, it’s also important for me to keep up with my mental fitness during this time when I am unable to compete. For me, this is sticking to my usual routine with daily mindfulness exercises and journaling on a weekly basis.




“If you can dream it you can achieve it.”

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