Have You Made Your Resolutions for 2015?

Easy tips to ensure that 2015 is the year to keep your health and fitness resolutions!

Every year during the holiday season we plan out to start the new year with resolutions. They may be work goals, fitness goals or personal relationship plans but we all make them. The problem is we start the year with great intentions but somehow those intentions get lost in the perils of everyday life. 

Here’s how to keep your fitness resolutions for 2015:

Set Monthly REALISTIC Goals

When you set out to make your resolution, make sure it is attainable. Don’t set lofty goals that could be impossible to attain in the time period you are looking at. For example, if you are just joining a triathlon training program don’t set an Ironman as your goal for 2015. Set smaller goals such as a try-a tri  or sprint events. 


Start Before January

Why do we wait until January 1st to get these resolutions in action? Why not start during the holidays?  This way you will jump start the season and be well on your way once January comes. 


Tell Your Friends

Nothing is worse than bragging about something and then not having it happen. Well, the same goes for resolutions. Tell your friends what your goals are and to hold you to them. Friend encouragement goes along way. 


Join a Group

Whether you are running, swimming, cycling or skiing, fitness goals are much easier to stick to when you have a friend or group of people trying to attain the same goals.


Track Your Progress

Track your progress to see where you are at. It’s an amazing thing to see when you can see where you were at day 1 and then a few months later where you are at.  Tracking your progress also gives you the motivation to continue. 

Written by: Sue Strong



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