How to (Safely) Have Sex in the Woods

There's nothing like a little wild intimacy while on a hiking trip -- but you have to do it right!

So I know this guy who thought it would be romantic to take his lady for a hiking date. It was all going great and at their lunch stop, on some sunny rocks, one thing led to another. As they made love like animals things started to go wrong. The hard "bed" started to chafe. A change of position ended up pulling hair. And then a lovely family came up the trail. Needless to say the moment was ruined and the episode is now remembered for the wrong reasons. 

I learned a lot from this experience - vicariously obviously - and other moments of backcountry intimacy went much better. Having talked to my outdoor friends about their sex in the woods experience I've learned even more, including these pearls of wisdom: 

Endurance is not always a virtue. 
This is the only time where a woman probably doesn't care how long the man lasts. In fact, speed may be a bonus. There are exceptions to this, but often the act is more important than the result, especially when the "bed" isn't soft or it's cold out. 

Privacy is key. 
Unless the exhibition is part of the attraction you probably want to find a private enough spot that you won't have to worry about anyone stumbling upon the deed. You'll relax and have more fun.  

Come prepared. 
Spontaneity is awesome; good for you for giving into the passion. But a few essentials can make the experience even more enjoyable. Bring a blanket to lie on, wet wipes for cleaning up after and any necessary accoutrements.  

Pick a killer spot 
One of my most memorable sex in the woods experiences was deep in an old growth forest of towering giants. The magic of the giant trees and the soft moss made the act unforgettable. A friend had a sex on the summit tradition with his wife - a great high on high. Thinking of in the water? Maybe not the best idea; it can cause infections and other complications. 

Don't forget to look around. 

Where ever you pick make sure you take the time to enjoy the moment. Lock eyes with your lover and then take in your surroundings and remember just how lucky you are. 


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