No Moons Here, Nor Contortions in the Car

A new crop of products help keep you covered while getting changed outdoors

Story by Ryan Stuart

We've all been there: wet, sweaty, covered in mud, no towel in sight and we need to change but we're in a public place. Options are contortions in the car, hiding in the bushes like a creep or risking public nudity and changing quickly between car doors. None are very compelling, but there is a better way, actually two. 

The most interesting, The Undress, is launching on Kickstarter right now. It uses a carefully engineered dress to make public changing a simple, skinless affair. 

"It's elegant, practical and works every time," says April Estrada, co-founder of The Undress. "It even works for taking on and off a sports bra." 

How is easier to understand by watching than telling, but essentially the dress pulls over the legs and then slips under upper layers covering the upper body with the front of the dress. Pull the shirts and bras over top and the dress keeps you covered the whole time. It looks slick and works just as well in reverse. Plus, the dress can be worn as a casual beach cover. 

Similar in substance, but more towel in style is the Chawel, short for the change anywhere towel. Put it on poncho style to create a moo-moo like change room. A hole for the head and optional hand holes make it easy to change quickly. The microfibre material absorbs water well, so it doubles as a towel and slips over car seats for protecting them from mud or water, too. 




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