How to Better Change Your Clothes

With a little practice public dressing or changing won't need to involve a moon (or worse)

by Ryan Stuart

We find ourselves in this situation regularly: at a trail head or take out, wet or muddy or both, with clean clothes but nowhere to change. Flashing your keister may not be a big deal to you, but a few white butts can add up.  A major reason mountain bikers lost the right to park on neighbourhood streets near North Vancouver's famed trails was due to the glare from too many moons. Do  us all a favour – learn to change properly.
1. Come prepared. Bring a large towel or sarong. Better yet get a Chawel Pack one with your gear so it never gets forgotten.
2. Seek cover. Take your towel and clothes for a little walk in the woods where no one can see you. No woods? No problem, open both car doors on one side to create a mini-change room.
3. Be prepared. Lay your clothes out in the order you'll put them on.
4. Do the wrap. Before baring all make sure your towel is in place and secure. Women are infinitely better than men at this. But it's really not that hard. Just make sure to tuck the loose end in as far as you can.
5. Go half way. Only strip one half of your body at a time. Only after your upper body is dressed should you strip your lower half.
6. Now finish the deal. And make it snappy. Walk out of the woods with a thoughtful look, like you were hunting for a rare plant, not doing something creepy with your clothes off.


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