Patagonia Bound in the Argentinian Andes

Ray Zahab set to run across one of the world's highest desert

by Ryan Stuart

The Patagonian Desert begins in the high elevation foothills of the Argentina Andes and crosses the continent ending on the Atlantic coast. It's windy, cold and desolately beautiful. In other words the perfect place for Ray Zahab to go for a month long run. 

The expedition runner, who has crossed the Sahara, Gobi and Atacama deserts, is planning to cross the Patagonia Desert at its widest point in January 2015 and has already been training for six months. Unlike his last few expeditions he won't be running solo this time. 
"This one I want to do it with a buddy," he says. "I was tired of running alone." 

Along for the run will be Ryan Grant, whom Zahab ran across Baffin Island's Akshayuk Pass in March. 

"Ryan's the humblest athlete I've ever met and I've been wanting to do something with him for a while." But Grant's triathlete career kept getting in the way. With that behind him the Patagonia's timing is perfect for the two to team up, says Zahab. 

"In an expedition you have your ups and downs," says Zahab. "You want someone you have good camaraderie and a great team mate. Ryan's the kind of guy you can really rely on." 

Like all of Zahab's expeditions a film crew will be shadowing the duo, not only documenting their struggles and triumphs, but also the people they meet along the way. "We're always trying to capture content and stories to benefit Impossible2Possible," Zahab says. "impossible2Possible Zahab's youth focused work, where he leads a group of teens on running expeditions that have an education component shared through the Internet with students around the world. 

"My bigger goal is always with i2P," he says. "I want every kid, including my two daughters, thinking they can do absolutely anything." Evidently, it's not a problem for Zahab. 

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