Quit being a cycling weakling

How one of Canada's top DH mountain bikers keeps her pipes in racing form (and puts you to shame)

Micayla Gatto may ride like she’s Wonder Women – capturing medals, flying through the air and destroying evil downhill courses with her super bike powers – but the 19-year old World Cup racer’s kryptonite was finding the strength to lift the front end of her 40 pound DH bike.


“Some guys on the World Cup say they just ride their bikes, but for women we have to cross train too, especially for our upper bodies,” she says. The West Vancouver native’s favourite off season exercise will humble even the strongest arms, back, core and nervous system.


What you need: a small and light medicine ball, lots of commitment, be able to do 20 push ups comfortably.

How to: Get in a push up position with your right hand on the floor and your left hand on top of small and light medicine ball. Dip into a push up and then explode as you come back up, lifting both hands into the air. While in the air pass the medicine ball to your right hand. Land with your right hand on the medicine ball and your left on the floor. Dip into the push up and explode up again, this time passing the medicine ball back to your left hand. Repeat. Wonder Women does three sets of 15. Can you?


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