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Thank you for requesting a “Guaranteed Listing” in our event calendar. We’re glad you see the benefit of being included – and of enhancing your event participants’ experience with a free copy of Get Out There Magazine. It’s a win-win!

Unfortunately, due to abuses of our system, we must remind you of the following guidelines:

  1. If you produce a race kit, you must request enough magazines for each kit. For example, if you will be producing 2,500 race kits, please request 2,500 magazines (not 200).
  2. If you do not produce a race kit, we ask that you request magazines for a minimum of ¼ of your expected number of participants. For an event of 1,000 people, please request 250 magazines.
  3. Event with under 200 participants do not qualify for “Guaranteed Listings”. Please do not request 200 magazines unless you are expecting a minimum of 200 participants and will be producing 200 race kits. Otherwise, you are welcome to submit your event in our “Basic Listing” category.

The goal of our “Guaranteed Listings” program is to expand the reach of our magazine through event distribution. There are costs associated with shipping magazines to your event – and we rely on you, the race organizer, to be honest about the number of magazines required. Please do not request 200 magazines for an event with 10,000 people.

Thanks for your consideration. We hope that we can work together to continue to deliver this service at no charge to you.

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Submit your events for FREE inclusion in Get Out There Magazine and Get Out There Online. Events must have a specific start and end date. The event will appear in the calendar from the time you post it, until the event has passed. If this is an recurring event, please include an end date, and specify when the event recurs (i.e. weekly, every Monday).

Advertisements or non-event listings will be removed. Before you submit, search our event calendar - you may already be listed.

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NOTE: Custom delivery dates can only be accommodated for events accepting over 5,000 magazines. For all other events, magazines will be delivered sometime at the beginning of the month of issue. Magazines will be left at the specified delivery location, so please be sure to include any special delivery instructions (i.e. leave under the front porch, leave next to the front door, etc.).
Due to high demand we may not always be able to accommodate all magazine requests.