St Thomas runner first to finish Great Race Across Tennessee ahead of 19,000 others

An ultramarathon runner from St. Thomas, Ont. is one of the first finishers of Laz Lake’s Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee finishing 1,000 kilometres in 11 days and 20 hours. There was another finisher named Gingerbread Man who finished ahead, but they remain a mystery. So, Terri Biloski is at the top. 

The 44-year-old Biloski, who is a coach and personal trainer, has already made the turn and is well into her run back across Tennessee in the other direction. 

“I’ve completed the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee!!! 1021.68km in 11 Days, 20 hours and 58 minutes,” she said, in an Instagram post. “Big cheesy smile, because I couldn’t be happier.”


A post shared by Terri Biloski (@mysteryrunner) on May 14, 2020 at 12:17pm PDT

Fellow Canadian ultramarathon runner Dave Proctor, 39, was the fourth finisher. 

The race is organized by Laz Lake of Barkley Marathons fame. Although it started innocently enough as a virtual run across Lake’s state of Tennessee, home to the Barkley. But the race exploded in popularity and currently, more than 19,000 participants are logging mileage. Participants have four months to finish the race. 

Upon completion, runners have the option of the out-and-back route, which means logging another 1,000 kilometres. 

On the first 1,000 kilometres, Biloski averaged 85K per day with a pace of around eight minutes per kilometre.  

"I had a secret goal to do it in 10 days, but 11 days 20 hours I'm happy about it," Biloski told the local CTV News outlet. 

Currently, Biloski sits third on the way back, trailing the mythical Gingerbread Man along with Texan John Sharp, who finished the first 1,000 kilometres on the same day as Biloski and Ohio runner Roc Powell.

Biloski is running to raise money for the Huntington Society of Canada. 



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