One of Canada's toughest ultras is offering a massive cash prize this year

Winners of the Canadian Death Race who break the course record head home with $5,000

Sinister Sports, the organizers of one of Canada's toughest ultras, the Canadian Death Race, is offering up a $5,000 cash prize to the man and/or woman who can break the course record and win this year's race — that's $4,000 for the record and the current $1,000 cash prize for the men's and women's champions. 

"If you win the CDR 125k Solo and set the new course record, you will get a $4,000 top-up on the existing cash prize for a total of $5,000! That's one prize per category - Female or Male 125k Solo - not either/or. Train hard!" the message read.

We asked Brian Gallant, owner and director of Sinister Spots what made him decide now was the time?

"I was looking over the course records recently and I realized - wow - they haven’t moved for 10 and nine years respectively," Gallant says. "I was also looking at the list of top finishers and there were some really big hitters over the years. I wanted to incentivize the top-placing runners, but I didn’t want it to be all about money as such, so this seemed like a good way to encourage more elite runners to show up. With over 20 years of history, Death Race is still one of the hardest ultras out there, and we need to make sure the effort is worth the reward."



The Canadian Death Race is a 125-km race near Grande Cache, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies that begins and ends on a 4,200-foot plateau, includes three mountain summits, 17,000 feet of elevation change and a major river crossing.  It's a lot. 

That the race is stepping up to make things even more interesting, has caused a stir in the ultra-running community. But, are the records set by Ellie Greenwood in 2010 and Rickey Gates in 2011 touchable?

"The feedback has been really positive. I didn’t expect this, but a number of more regional runners we know are talking about upping their game this year to try and beat that record," Gallant says. "Right after that, people are saying that these two records will be hard to beat. Undoubtedly, these are fast times but we are seeing records smashed at ultras all over the place, especially in the women’s division, and I am confident they can be broken. We are going to see some speedy times.

The year's race is slated for Aug 1 and 2, 2020. 




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