Good news: Collapsed runner at Chilly Half Marathon going to be just fine

Amazing news from the folks at the Chilly Half Marathon, as the 60-year-old runner who collapsed with absent vital signs during the race, is going to be okay.

As the incident unfolded on March 3, the Chilly Half Marathon medical response team determined that the runner, Scott Matheson of Toronto, had no vital signs, and was taken by ambulance to Joseph Brant Hospital and placed in a medically induced coma.

“It really is a miracle. His heart did stop for 10 minutes,” says Erica Matheson, Scott’s wife. “The emergency team was there to help in seconds.”

On March 8, VR Pro Inc. race directors Kelly and Mark Arnott along with Matheson’s coach Kevin Smith and registered nurse Joy Kramarich heard the incredible news that Matheson would be okay.

"It really is a miracle. His heart did stop for 10 minutes. The emergency team was there to help in seconds."

Kelly Arnott expressed her joy over the news.

"This is the most incredible news. We have the best paramedic team in Halton and the best hospital at Joseph Brant,” she says. “I know the running community is with me when I say we are all so thrilled that Scott is doing so well."

The entire team send their thanks to all those who shared their concern, thoughts and prayers.

We have a wonderful community.



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