Mud Hero Grows Exponentially

As a Canadian event powerhouse, Mud Hero introduces event for kids and competitive 10K event

As a Canadian event organizing powerhouse, Mud Hero has without question successfully navigated the treacherous and competitive (muddy) waters of the obstacle racing scene. In an environment rife with large, well-funded American organizers who’ve made the move north to tap into the Canadian market, Mud Hero has both survived and thrived. Their most recent event in Red Deer, Alberta saw close to 15,000 participants tackle obstacles including the “World’s Most Epic Mud Pit”, a massive multi-faceted mud pit that was built from the ground up with over 70 truck loads of sifted topsoil and the help of a massive digger. They’ve built a name for themselves among both competitive and amateur “mudders” alike, focusing less on the elite and highly competitive athletes and more on creating an experience that caters to everyone from those doing their first-ever organized athletic event, to weekend runners looking for the next challenge.

Of course, resting on your laurels isn’t an option in this business. To date Mud Hero has spent a considerable amount of time (and money) investing in new, bigger and muddier obstacles each year to keep participants coming back for more. It’s one of the ways they’re building repeat customers in a once-in-a-bucket-list market. 

This year is no exception. Mud Hero Kids launched among much fanfare at the start of the 2015 season and has proven a hit with both kids and their mud-loving parents. The Mud Hero Kids event is available at all Mud Hero races and features pint-sized obstacles designed specifically for the 4 – 13 year-old set. 

More recently, Mud Hero has announced the introduction of a new 10K Ultra course that will debut in Toronto this August 30th. The longer 10K course (up from the standard 6K Mud Hero courses) features additional obstacles such as a Platinum Rig and sand bag carry, and is designed specifically for those looking to step up to the next level in Mud Hero or more elite-level athletes looking to participate among a more competitive-minded field. Participants will still benefit from all the known Mud Hero positives (great organization, safe obstacles, awesome atmosphere), with the added challenge of pushing themselves to the next level.



The final Mud Hero event of 2015 is Toronto North on August 29th and 30th (Ultra) at Albion Hills. The final early bird registration deadline is August 17th and registration closes completely when waves are full or on August 24th. Events this year are typically selling out in advance, so if you’re interested in getting muddy with the Mud Hero crew this year, it’s time to get registered. Registration is available online at


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