8% No Limit Adventure Web Television Series

What happens when a blind runners decides to run the Bruce Trail end-to-end? Here's what.

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8% No Limit: Episode 1

8% No Limit: Episode 2


8% No Limit: Episode 3

8% No Limit: Episode 4

8% No Limit: Episode 5

8% No Limit: Episode 6
8% No Limit: Episode 7

8% No Limit: Episode 8  

8% No Limit: Episode 9

8% No Limit: Episode 10
8% No Limit: Episode 11
8% No Limit: Episode 12

About 8% No Limit

Over 12 web-isodes award-winning documentary filmmaker Lisa Lightbourn-Lay will chronicle blind runner Rhonda-Marie Avery’s 20-day attempt to run the Bruce Trail from end-to-end with the help of over 50 guide runners.

The story is as beautiful as it is inspiring, contrasting the stunning vistas of Canada’s 900 KM-long Bruce Trail with Avery’s relentless effort to overcome daily obstacles, including; fatigue, injuries, doubt and mental exhaustion. The story weaves the mechanics of running with the power of the mind to demonstrate what the human body can achieve.

Tune in here on Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST to watch each gripping episode. Each week a new episode will be released here and on Get Out There’s YouTube channel.

Watch the trailer below:

8% No Limit - Documentary Trailer from Lisa Lightbourn-Lay on Vimeo.



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Explore Fund Grant-Giving Program

The North Face Announces 2015 Explore Fund Grants Open for Applications

The North Face today announced the 2015 Explore Fund grant-giving program is now open through October 31, 2015 for applications and $30,000 will be awarded to organizations this year. The Explore Fund provides grants to organizations that connect people to the outdoors in meaningful ways, with youth as the primary focus.


“For 2015, we are looking to identify programs that will provide experiences that nurture an enduring appreciation of the outdoors,” said Ann Krcik, Director of Outdoor Exploration, The North Face. “We want these programs to encourage people to explore and appreciate the outdoors in their favorite ways, whether that be hiking, skiing or camping – we want to be the catalyst.”


All grants are evaluated on the clarity of proposal, the projected impact and alignment to the spirit of adventure and exploration. Proposals that leverage collaboration and partnerships within communities are encouraged. The Explore Fund reviews grants by individual merits and as part of a balanced portfolio that includes such factors as geography, type of program funded, target audiences, and more.


To be considered for an Explore Fund grant, applicants must be non-profit organizations or in a formal relationship with a qualified fiscal sponsor. All applicants must fully complete the online submission process and provide the required application information.  Explore Fund grants are for one year and funding in a giving cycle does not guarantee future support.


As part of its mission to start a global movement of Outdoor Exploration, The North Face introduced the Explore Fund ( in 2010 and the program has since provided more than $1.5 million in grants to organizations committed to inspiring the next generation of outdoor explorers and conservationists.


For more information and to submit an application before October 31, 2015, please visit