Mississauga Marathon

When: Friday, May 4 - 6, 2018
Where: Mississauga, Ontario
Category: Running / Walking
The 2018 Mississauga Marathon is set to celebrate 15 Years Running! From May 4-6, 2018, participants of all ages, experiences and abilities are invited to join in the must-run Spring event! With an 80 metre net downhill drop from start to finish, the Mississauga Marathon can help you reach a PB or qualify for the Boston Marathon. Race Weekend will officially kick off with a two-day Health & Wellness Expo at Port Credit Memorial Arena on Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th, where you will pick up your race kit, swag bag and visit a variety of vendors! The MNP 10KM, 10KM Student Relay and Novo Nordisk ® “Hazel” 5KM will take place on Saturday evening, while the Full Marathon, Pandora Square One Half Marathon, Marathon Relay Challenge and 2K Fun Run/Walk will be held on Sunday, May 6th. With “A Run for Everyone”, runners and walkers of all ages, experiences and abilities are invited to join the 2018 Mississauga Marathon!

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Going Barefoot in the Colder Temps

Die hard barefoot runners continue on in the winter temps just as regular runners do but is it safe?

The cold temperatures have arrived and winter running is here. Dodging icy patches on the roads and sidewalks, jumping over snow piles, trying to get some traction to get your run completed safely. For the normal shoe wearer this is a feat alone but for the barefoot runner there are other things to take into consideration; for instance frostbite. A popular saying among barefoot runners is “numb feet are dumb feet”.  Basically if you are out running barefoot and you cannot feel the ground beneath your feet, get your feet covered ASAP. Losing feeling is a sign that your feet are too cold. This is when damage can occur.

Is barefoot running for everyone? Of course not. Running isn’t for everyone. Barefoot runners make it clear that this is an activity that you need to gradually build up to. You cannot just shed your shoes and go outside and become a barefoot runner.  It takes months of conditioning your feet to the conditions whether they are hot or cold. As well, you need to gradually build your distance. This is a whole new sensation to your body and one that you need to adapt too. 

Barefoot running in the winter can be done if you follow some simple tips:

  1. Warm up your feet indoors before you leave the house.  Jump up and down, run on the spot, get the blood flowing. 
  2. When you are outside don’t stop (if possible). Once you stop your core temp will drop thus allowing your feet to get cold.
  3. Wear a hat. We all know that you lose heat out of your head first. Ensure your head is covered. 
  4. Keep your core warm. When you have a warm core the heat flows throughout your body faster. 
  5. Be smart. Know your limits. If you can’t feel the ground beneath your feet, its time to cover up.

Have fun, be safe and Get Out There! Written by: Sue Strong