An insider's guide: Climber Sierra Blair-Coyle's favourite spots in Arizona

Sierra Blair-Coyle is one of the most recognizable climbers on the planet. Through her social media channels, and exposure through fashion and branding, she has become a marketing force helping to drive the sport to new, ahem, heights. But, she really just loves to climb

The two-time American national junior champion and World Cup competitor also showcases the beauty of her native Arizona. That's why Get Out There decided to ask her for an inside look at her favourite five spots in the Grand Canyon state. 

Tonto Natural Bridge

Tonto Natural Bridge is a natural arch dubbed the "largest natural travertine bridge in the world." The area surrounding the bridge has been made into a state park with hiking trails, a lodge, and many other amenities. 

"The most underrated Arizona attraction. You can do a really cool hike that takes you under the bridge. Sometimes the hike is closed, but the bridge is always accessible for viewing using alternate routes. And unfortunately…no climbing is allowed here."

Clear Creek Reservoir


Clear Creek, near Winslow, Arizona is a boat-accessible climbing area on the famous Coconino sandstone walls.

"The main DWS (deep water soloing) area in Arizona. To reach the DWS you need a kayak, canoe, SUP board, etc. A fun spot to swim and climb either way!"

That Brewery  

"Some of the best food in “Rim” country. Also a good go-to spot after deep water soloing in Winslow (you drive by here on the way to Phoenix)."

Groom Creek

Located in central Arizona within Prescott National Forest, Groom Creek is a bouldering hotbed. The area also has plenty of hiking, mountain biking, and camping. 

"One of the best granite bouldering areas in the state. It doesn’t see as much traffic as Priest Draw, so it’s usually less crowded," Blair-Coyle says. 

Crescent Moon Ranch


Located within Coconino National Forest, and near Sedona, Crescent Moon Ranch is one of the most photographed spots in the southwest thanks to the towering Cathedral Rock in the distance, and Oak Creek meandering through at the Red Rock Crossing. It is stunning. It's a popular spot for daytrippers and picnickers as well as for fishing, hiking, and swimming.

"A beautiful little spot in Sedona where you can hike (if you want), play in the water, and get some amazing photos!" Blair-Coyle says. 



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