Eco-conscious active wear

6 fashion-forward and sustainably produced active wear brands for the eco-conscious exerciser

Local, ethical and sustainably made workout gear doesn’t have to be boring and unfashionable. Just check out the colourful prints, stylish cuts and premium material of these six fashion-forward and sustainably produced active wear brands.

Teeki is an eco-conscious active wear line based in California that makes funky printed yoga pants and tops from recycled plastic bottles (it takes approximately 25 bottles to make one pair). They also use eco-friendly printing methods and are made in the USA, so their carbon footprint is minimal. 

prAna is another stylish California-based yoga and lifestyle apparel brand with strong commitment to sustainability. Almost all of prAna’s apparel lines (which has gear for both guys and gals) are made of recycled materials, and the energy used to produce them is offset with renewable energy credits. prAna also adheres the strict fair labour polices, which is the next best thing to supporting locally made products.

Nau makes beautiful, functional clothing for both men and women that are perfectly suited for both urban adventures and exploring the wilderness. Not only do they use sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester, wool and organic cotton, but also donate 2 per cent of every sale to a partner organization of your choice. 

Tonic is an on-trend, Vancouver-based women’s yoga and lifestyle apparel company that uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes when creating their clothing, which also made locally in Vancouver. Tonic also avoids the use of harsh chemicals during processing to assure cleaner, healthier materials against your skin. 

Patagonia, an outdoor clothing and equipment company that specializes in gear for climbers and hikers, has long been conscious of the way their products impact the environment and the people involved in the production of their apparel and gear. Not only do they promote fair labour practices and safe working conditions throughout their supply chain, but also take an activist role in protecting and preserving the environment.  

Columbia is another well-known outdoor clothing and footwear company that has long championed corporate responsibility programs. Not only does Columbia practice sustainable manufacturing processes and promote the fair and ethical treatment of workers, but also partners with various outdoor conversation initiatives to help preserve the places we like to go explore. 




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