5 Unusual Group Fitness Classes

Give one of these five unusual group fitness classes a try this year for something different!

Bored with BODYPUMP? Sick and tired of spin class? Just not jazzed up about Jazzercise anymore? Then give one of these five unusual group fitness classes a try.

Though trampoline fitness classes are nothing new, an entire facility with wall-to-wall trampolines is definitely a novel idea! Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Toronto, ON offers Skyrobics classes, where participants perform calisthenics, core exercises and strength-building aerobics while literally bouncing off the walls. If plain old jumping isn’t your thing, you can try summersaulting into Sky Zone’s giant Foam Zone, flying 10 feet through the air with a basketball as you practice your dunk skills with SkySlam, or dodging balls coming from every direction during a game of Ultimate Dodgeball.

Indoor dragon boat training
Too cold and icy to train outside for your summer dragon boat race? Forget the rowing machine —Afterburn Fitness in Scarborough, ON offers Toronto’s only indoor dragon boat paddling pool so you can practice your stoke all year around. About 20 paddlers can fit one of the stationary custom-made dragon boats during a paddling clinic, where a resident paddling coach instructs proper posture and stroke mechanics as paddlers drive their oars into a corridor of water. Not only is this indoor paddling clinic great training for dragon boat racing, but also is an excellent core and upper-body workout.

Naked Yoga
Yes, it’s a thing—SkyClad Yoga in Victoria, BC offers yoga classes, workshops and retreats where yogis can practice their lotus pose sans Lululemon. Aside from giving participants the option of birthday suit over spandex, SkyClad Yoga is your typical Vinyasa Flow-style class that incorporates pranayama (breath work) and challenging asanas (postures), followed by a relaxing savasana and meditation so you can truly leave it all on the mat.

Bar Fit
Offered at the indoor obstacle race training facility Pursuit OCR in Toronto, ON, Bar Fit is an intense and challenging group workout using pull-up bars, stall bars and your own body weight to increase your upper-body strength. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do a pull-up properly or want to work up to something more advanced such as the human flag, this class is for you.
Kangoo Jump class
Remember moon shoes from the 90s – those contraptions you could strap on to your shoes to make them bouncy? Well, the concept is back and has found its way into the fitness world. Kangoo Club Toronto is a dance-inspired fitness studio where participants bounce their way fit during aerobic exercise classes wearing Kangoo Jump boots. Not only do the bouncy boots make cardio more fun, but also add an element of instability that helps to strengthen your core.

By: Bri Wilson



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