This Bracelet Could Save Your Life!

Emergency Rescue Academy brings us this sport specific Medic Alert Bracelet

As a personal trainer and endurance sport athlete, I know the importance of having some kind of identification on you in case of a medical emergency, especially if you have an allergy or condition that may require immediate medical attention. The first thing any first aid attendant is going to look for if you happen to collapse during a marathon or in the gym (after your ABCs, of course – Airway, Breathing and Circulation) is some kind of identification that contains important information about what medications you may be allergic to, if you have a medical condition that may need immediate attention and your emergency contact information.

Enter the medical alert bracelet. Although functional for everyday wear, traditional medical alert bracelets are generally made of a surgical stainless steel or sterling sliver chain, which can be bothersome during physical activity. If you’re looking for something a bit more comfortable and sporty, the Paracord Allergy/Medical Alert Bracelets from Emergency Rescue Academy are a great alternative.
The bracelets are custom made to order so they will fit your wrist perfectly; are lightweight, strong and durable; and come in a variety of fun colours to suit your style. They come in two difference thicknesses (325 cord and 550 cord) and include a blank stainless steel medical plate for custom engraving. The bracelets are also water-resistant and mildew-proof, making them perfect for triathletes and swimmers. And since the bracelets are customizable and lightweight, they’re the perfect for kids as well.

Although there are other non-chain medical alert bracelet options available out there, I’d rather wear something locally made from a trusted source that I know will survive many miles of swimming, biking and running. And since Emergency Rescue Academy is a recognized training partner of the Canadian Red Cross and international health and safety equipment supplier, I know their bracelets and other first aid supplies are going to be good quality products I can trust.

The Paracord Allergy/Medical Alert Bracelets are available from Emergency Rescue Academy’s website and retail for just under $20. A very reasonable price to pay for a product that could potentially save your life!

For more details about the Paracord Allergy/Medical Alert Bracelet and to order, please visit

By: Bri Wilson



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